30 de julio de 2014

Rumbelle vows

Belle: Rumplestinski, this thing we have is never being easy and I know I've lost you so many times. I've lost you to darkness,to weakness and finally, to death.
But now I realise that I have not spent my life losing you. I've spent my life finding you.

Rumple: Belle, when we met I wasn't just unlove and unloving, I was enemy of love. Love had only brought me pain. My walls were up. But you broke them down. You brought me home, you brought the light to my life. And chased aways all the way of darknes.
And I vow to you I won't never forget the distance between about what I was, and what I am. I owe more to you than I can ever say. How you can see the man behin the monster. I will never know.

Belle: But that monster's gone and the man beneath him may be flawd, but we all are. And I love you for it. Sometimes the best book has the dustiest jacket. And sometimes the best teacup is chipped.

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